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Here, you can find a list of professional SEO Content Writing Jobs online and work SEO jobs from home if you can provide high-quality SEO content, Work as a part-time earn a full SEO content writer salary.

If you are looking an online work, there are many types of jobs, but SEO content writing jobs are very professional and popular jobs for everyone.

SEO content writing jobs is very difficult to work, but in this post, you can buy high-quality content from the website content writing Jobs.

Content is the most important for search engines if you are serious with the content of your website because search engines only give the priority of high-quality content.

There are many SEO Content Writing Jobs on the internet, but most content writers can not provide SEO-friendly content because they don’t know technical knowledge in SEO.

Therefore, at first, you have to know that what is SEO-friendly content and who can provide it to fulfill your requirements for web pages.

What are website SEO content writing jobs?

Website SEO content writing jobs mean creating content for the website to index on search engines that are the most SEO-friendly and user-friendly.

Writing article may be easy who have writing skills. But SEO content writing jobs are so much different. SEO Content Writing is an art. Therefore, you need to learn in deep about what is SEO?

SEO has become the highest job in the world as well as the best career. Search engines are an easy way to pass information through the internet to the audience.

SEO content writing Jobs

Attaching the form of video, audio, and text is smart SEO content writing jobs for search engines. Search engines love to index high-quality relevant content as a user experience.

In writing, you have to focus on the users, not on you. If the user likes your content, search engines know that the value of the content and index on the first page of the search engine result page (SERP).

It is an easy way to freelance SEO content writing jobs online as part-time or full-time. Many people are working SEO jobs from home in the world. Therefore, here is some information about how to freelance SEO content writing jobs online.

How do freelance SEO content writing jobs online?

Firstly, you have a lot of knowledge and experience in SEO content writing jobs because there are many technical issues that you have done.

Now, if you have the confidence to do SEO content writing jobs, You can join with them and show your experience profiles in an account.

It is very better if you have your own personal website with your profiles. On the website, you can describe in detail about you so that they can believe you.

In the beginning, you will feel a little uncomfortable doing SEO content writing jobs as the client’s requirement. When you have increased so much experience, then it is an interesting job.

Here, I want to share some free keyword research tools which are totally free of cost. You can register and use certain keywords.

If you want to learn about keyword research, this tutorial is for you just go through SEO services in Nepal. In this article, you can find a topic is what is keyword research strategy?

I am sharing some most popular online jobs portal websites that are offering a lot of freelance SEO content writing jobs online, which you can select the best one.

1. Freelance SEO content writing jobs on Upwork

Upwork is the most popular online jobs portal website. A million freelancers are doing online jobs with Upwork. They have millions of jobs offering.

On Upwork, you can find related SEO content writing jobs in which I am talking with you. There are many types of offering costs. Some may offer jobs at a low cost, some have a big budget.

You can choose anyone which one is suitable for you. In also Upwork, you need to gain a lot of experience so that you can convince the clients easily.

SEO content writing Jobs

With Upwork, just create an account on it and make an attractive profile as your experience. You have also to add some previously completed project images to your profile.

If you don’t know how to create a profile on Upwork, these 9 tips can help to create a freelancer profile easily. In these 9 tips, you can learn all the necessary things.

Notes: If you want to grab related SEO content writing jobs, make a strong freelancer profile by attaching your previously done work. You will get a lot of offers amazingly.

2. Freelance SEO content writing jobs on Fiverr

Especially on Fiverr, you can find mini-jobs. There are 5$ above mini-jobs available on Fiverr. So, it is also very popular for micro-jobs in the world.

You can find any type of job to do freelancing. If you have knowledge of graphic designing, it is easy to work on Fiverr in short hours.

SEO content writing Jobs

On micro-jobs, no need for more experience, but if you have that is very good. Even learners can do 5$ micro-jobs on Fiverr as my experience.

But always good knowledge works everywhere quality jobs. Therefore, learn and gain specific skills and create a strong profile on Fiverr.

After then, you will get many offers, only mini works, the clients of Fiverr will offer you more and more.

3. Toptal

Toptal job portal website is famous for software developments, Graphic designing, finance experts, and product managing. This is the best freelancing website for you.

But you have to know software developing job is very sensitive work because if you have no experience in software developing, you will get so much trouble after complete your work.

SEO content writing Jobs

If you are a highly skilled freelancer with software developers, graphic designers, finance experts, product managers, then Toptal is the freelance website you are looking for.

With Toptal, you can also find SEO jobs. If you have knowledge of SEO, you can also work with SEO.

4. SEO content writing jobs on

More than 370,000 independent consultants are freelancing with from all over the world. According to the CEO of, they connect the direct companies with the best experts in the world.

SEO content writing Jobs

This job portal website is most well-known in the freelancer. Every mouth has this word in mind, if they are doing online freelancing jobs, why not SEO content writing jobs.

5. SEO content writing jobs on

Guru is another good freelancing website. It provides 2,388 freelance jobs. Freelancers can search for jobs according to their skills and get paid as soon as the job is completed.

You can easily find high-quality freelancing jobs on Guru. Guru’s community is very large, which has more than 1.5 million members, due to which its popularity is clear.

SEO Content Writing Jobs

Also on, you can search for SEO content writing jobs if you have experience in SEO. There are 1 million various jobs, you can bid on your skills.

Almost on Guru and their total payout amount is also very high. Moreover, the design and navigation of their website are very good so that freelancers can easily find jobs for themselves and clients freelancers.

So these are the top 5 SEO content writing jobs online to start freelancing. Hope you have found our list of Top 5 Freelancing Websites good and useful.

6. WorknHire

It appears to be an Indian website where clients and freelancers can stay in touch under one roof. As mentioned on their website, if you are a client then find experts for your work.

SEO Content Writing Jobs

So if you are a freelancer then you have to be an expert in your job field first, then only you will be able to bid for any job.

You have to create a profile by signing up on this website. Only after this do you start getting projects according to your skills and experience. This is a very famous site for providing freelancing jobs.

7. SEO content writing jobs on SEOClerks

SEOClerk is a marketplace where people can earn money by working according to their skills and people who need services can post services according to their needs so that people can provide service to them.

People who provide services on SEOClerks get money in exchange for services and those who need services get services on SEOClerk in exchange for money.

SEO Content Writing Jobs

On SEOClerk, mainly Website, Blog, and related SEO content writing jobs are exchanged by the people, so the founder of SEOClerk Jordan Delozier named it SEOClerk.

Jordan Delozier created this website to provide all services related to SEO and SEO content writing jobs in one place so that people who need related to SEO services can fulfill their requirements by posting services as per their needs.

3. How to work SEO Jobs from home?

In this era, trends like online jobs and online earning. SEO jobs from home are the most popular and demanding day by day in the world.

There are many online jobs portals providing SEO jobs from home related to SEO such as freelance SEO content writing jobs.

Increasing demands of SEO content writing jobs, SEO jobs from home is so easy job if you have knowledge of Search engine optimization.

Don’t worry if you don’t know about SEO, you can learn right now if you have writing skills. You need to learn keyword researching skills and on-page SEO optimization.

In this post, especially I have explained the topic of SEO content writing jobs. I will show you how to work SEO jobs from home and earn money through the internet.

If you escape from there, you can go up by scrolling and read again one by one where I have listed and explained about every job portal.

How much may SEO content writer salary?

If you work with an organization as an employee, the company will pay you an SEO content writer salary. But, most writers do hour base part-time.

on Job portals, almost all clients hire only for some hours. There is no limitation, it depends on how many jobs can you do. You can not get any regular salary.

According to Glassdoor, an average American SEO content writer salary is 40,157 USD per year. It is the maximum salary for developing countries.

seo content writing jobs

It means you can earn 3,346 USD per month and 16 USD per hour. If you work based on salary, you have to spend a minimum of 8 hours per day.

But independent income may be higher than SEO content writer salary if you work hourly. At hour base work, you can customize your hours as your time.

How to become an SEO content writer?

Content writing has become very popular these days. People are making a lot of income by writing content on different types of topics.

If you also want to become a SEO content writer, then pay attention to the things mentioned here. Tips for Becoming a Content Writer.

Writing skill and understanding of the art are two essential qualities of a good content writer. However, in the highly competitive and ever-evolving digital age, there has been a great demand for SEO content writing.

In such a situation, if you also want to become a good content writer, read the information given here carefully. read in detail.

i. Good Writing Method

In the beginning, you have to choose a topic that is trending, and the title should be catchy with impacting negative and powerful words.

The content should be easy to understand, and you need to include a headline, subheadline, bulleted lists, infographics, and important videos.

ii. Write original content and use proper language

The use of grammatical rules of the language, meaningful sentence construction, correct use of punctuation marks, accurate spelling, and correct word selection will ensure that you are adhering to linguistic accuracy.

Also, follow the fact that the things you have written have not been copied from anywhere and you have your own articles. You can create an unique article with the help of Gramerly tools.

iii. Do good research

If you want to get your article ranked on search engines like Google, then first of all you have to do good keyword research. By doing content writing by doing research, your article will be prepared very well and full of information.

If you publish researched content, your customers will feel that they are getting more knowledge from your website than your competitors.

iv. Focus on SEO

To bring maximum traffic to your website, you need to focus on SEO the most. With the help of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, your article will easily rank in Google and you will be able to get maximum traffic.

Apart from this, it is also very important to research the necessary keywords in your writing with the help of keyword research tools, your article will start ranking on Google as soon as possible.

If you want to become a good SEO content writer and want to move forward with your content writing, then you must keep in mind the things given here.

v. Connected with technology

Today’s generation has come very close to technology. Through technology, people put their ideas in front of many people.

For which the medium of technology can take the help of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Make your point known to the people by being technology-friendly.

vi. Give correct information

The content on which you are writing should have correct and complete information about it. Your entire content will be wasted if you give even the slightest wrong information.

Which will be of no use to anyone and on getting wrong information, the reader will lose faith in your content.

vii. Write in summary

Write your points point to point, if you have written something that is looking up and down, then the reader will not understand anything. Write the information which should come first and the one which should come later.

viii. Recognize the reader

You should know what information your readers want to get from you, understand the needs of the readers and write the content accordingly.

ix. Stay up-to-date

The more information you have, the more you will be able to give proper and all kinds of information to your readers. They will also be able to answer the questions asked by them.

x. Proofreading

By proofreading, you can catch mistakes in your content that you might not have caught while writing. So when the content is completely written, then do proofreading it.

This will also give you 2 types of benefits, firstly that you will know your mistake and secondly that you will be able to read it from the user’s point of view, how your reader will like your content.

Content Writing Tips:

Write quality content. Do not let the quality of your content fall in the pursuit of earning more money. Keep your clients happy.

If clients are happy with you, then there is a high possibility that they will also hand over their future projects to you.

To keep your clients happy, you can write a little more than the word limit. For example, if you have to write an article of 500 words, then you can do it in 600 words.

Try to improve your writing style continuously. Write such content that people keep reading continuously which means they do not get bored with it.

How to find SEO content writer job description?

Before starting your SEO content writing jobs, read clearly job description. If you are confused in SEO content write titles, you can communicate with the person who offers the jobs.

Clients may describe about their requirements, if you can not understand what they need to do about their job.

They may include in the job description all rules and conditions of payment. Payment methods also will be included in the job description that you have to know and be confident.

seo content writing jobs

Once you know your interest, now it is time to find the content client. For this, first, you have to go to Facebook and search- “Content Writing Groups“.

As soon as you do this search, you will see many groups in front of you. You have to join some of those groups. Keep in mind that you only join such groups to which many people are connected.

After that, you have to wait for few hours. In this way, after some time the joining request of your group is accepted. After that, you have to keep moving around in the group.

When you are active in the group, you will see many content writing posts. In which it will be written – “Content Writer Required“. You have to comment on such posts by writing “IB (InBox).

And also send a direct message to the person writing the post (if the email is given in the post then you can also mail). After this, you can further discuss things like the quantity of work, word count, and rate (PPW).

Many clients ask you for samples. To know how you write, you have to give them a small article, on the basis of which they decide how well you write.

After this, you can ask your client for a topic and start writing research about that topic, and then when the article is completed, you can send it to your client through WhatsApp or Email.

After this, you can take payment of your work from your client through Google Pay, UPI, Bank Transfer (NIFT), or PayPal (International).

Apart from Facebook Groups, you can also reach clients from many other places like LinkedIn, Freelancing Sites, WhatsApp Groups, etc. But Facebook groups are the best.

Notes: If you also want to do the work of writing content sitting at home, then you can fill this form or you can also email us at You will be notified as soon as your eligible writing assignment becomes available.


Finally, a good SEO content writing jobs understand the needs of his readers, what your readers like to read. So change your hobby of writing into a golden future.

So, you can find a pretty simple to get started as a new freelancer. In this post of topline above, I have described those websites where you can work SEO jobs from home.

If you are a new SEO content writer, it will be better to accept a small job when you can not build up a strong portfolio on those websites.

By learning about how to write an SEO content and research keyword with the help of keyword research tools are a great way to increase your credibility though this post and I want to recommend to find a content writing course. i

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