Immune System Booster Foods

Everyone must need to boost the immune by taking some immune system booster foods and supplements. It is easy to buy or available near you.

In this time, the immune system is the most important to stay safe with coronavirus. Coronavirus can attack those who have a weak immune system.

Many researchers prove that immune system booster foods can increase the autoimmune system in the body so that you can be safe with covid-19 at home.

What is Immune System?

The immune system is a security guard of the body which protects the body from external threats. When viruses attack the body, the immune system does not allow them to enter the body.

As soon as a virus, bacteria or pathogen invades the body, this system automatically gets activated and starts the process of defense against them. It is a very complex system, which is spread throughout the body.

It contains many chemicals and different types of cells, which work in different ways to protect the body. It is not that occurs only in humans, it also occurs in other organisms which protect the body from infection.

What is Antibody?

Antibodies are protein compounds made in the body, which our immune system produces to neutralize microbes in the body. Sometimes it takes several weeks for antibodies to form after infection.

These are also known as antibody immunoglobulins (LG). The simplest antibody is Y-shaped, consisting of 4 polypeptide chains. These antibodies protect the body from infection by eliminating antigens. These are five types:

  1. Immunoglobulin M
  2. Immunoglobulin G
  3. immunoglobulin E
  4. Immunoglobulin D
  5. Immunoglobulin A

Important of antibodies for the body

When a person becomes infected with a virus or pathogens, the body starts producing antibodies against the virus that fights with the virus.

People who do not make antibodies against the virus or infection mean that their immunity is weak, while those whose body makes antibodies within two weeks of recovery, last for many years.

This means that their immunity is strong. This happens with coronavirus as well. This is the reason that a person who has recovered from this disease can donate plasma.

What are T Cells?

T cells are white blood cells that respond to the immune system in the body. These cells focus on specific foreign particles. They circulate when they don’t face their specific antigen.

There are two types of white blood cells in the body, which are called lymphocytes. Both these cells are important for the immune response.

They are made in the bone marrow. When the body is attacked by an antigen, these B cells recognize that antigen. At the same time, only these T-cells do the work of fighting it.

This cell defends the body from various pathogens. When a germ, such as a bacterium, virus, etc., enters the body, it produces a type of antibody. This antibody combats and destroys that germ.

After its formation, this cell goes to the thymus gland or thymus gland, where it develops. That’s why they are called T cells.

What are antigens?

Antigens are internal and external substances that activate the body’s immune system to produce antibodies. It can be any element present in the environment such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens.

These are harmful to the body. Its presence in the body is a sign that the body’s immune system has been forced to produce antibodies to fight off an external attack.

Usually, antigens are germs from outside the body. Whereas sometimes antigens are produced inside the body on their own which are called autoantigens.

What is the difference between Vaccine and Antibody?

Vaccines are chemicals that help the body develop antibodies. Whereas in contrast antibodies help to fight against pathogens, which are developed by the immune system.

Antibodies play an important role in fighting and destroying pathogens. Since Kovid-19 is also an infection caused by a virus.

In such a situation, the antibodies present in the body play an important role in its prevention.

Once people whose body is infected with a virus after developing antibodies against them, then their ability to fight against that virus increases. This also applies to the coronavirus.

5 Major Symptoms of Weak Immune System

The havoc of coronavirus is increasing continuously in the world. Day by day the number of infected people is increasing in the country.

More than one lakh new cases are coming every day in India. As experts have been saying from the beginning that Kovid-19 mostly attacks only those people whose immunity system is weak.

In such a situation, everyone is taking all kinds of measures to increase their immunity.

Let us tell you that through the immune system, we remain healthy for 24 hours. Therefore, it is important for us to include such things in our diet so that our immune system can be strengthened.

Things like stress, anxiety, too much alcohol make our immune system weak. According to studies, people who have a weakened immune system are most affected by the novel coronavirus infection.

However, here we are telling you the 4 signs through which you can find out by yourself whether your immune system is weak or strong.

1. Getting sick frequently

Falling sick again and again is also a sign of weak immunity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),

if you have more than 4 coughs and colds in a year, it can be a sign of weak immunity. A runny nose and itchy throat are also among the symptoms that are usually ignored.

According to the report of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, if you take more than 2 courses of antibiotics in a year and still the bacterial infection does not go away, then you are suffering from immunology disorder. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor once.

2. Feeling tired even after sleeping

If you get enough sleep and even then you feel lethargic, then your immunity system is week. Because being overtired can also be a symptom of weak immunity.

According to experts, a low immune system requires more energy. Less sleep at night and a heavy head throughout the day also indicate this.

Let us tell you that the body releases the melatonin hormone while sleeping at night. This hormone produces certain immune cells that make cytokines.

These cytokines in turn activate immune cells which are helpful in defeating any kind of infection.

3. These stomach problems are also a sign of weak immune system

According to John Hopkins University, a large part of our immune system is located in the gut of the body.

Good bacteria are found in the gastrointestinal tract of our body that produces antibodies to fight infection. Let us tell you that the good bacteria present inside the stomach also play a big role in digestion.

Therefore, if you get stomach problems from diarrhea or constipation, it could be a sign that you have a weakened immune system.

If you ever eat outside food and after that, you have a burning sensation in the stomach, then it is a sign of a weak immune system.

Apart from this, if you are having trouble with diarrhea or constipation, then it also means that the tissues present in your intestines are not working properly.

4. Persistent sores in the mouth

Usually, mouth ulcers can occur when you bite your tongue or cheek while eating food. On the other hand, if you are constantly troubled by mouth ulcers, then this problem is also a sign of a weak immune system.

Mouth ulcers can also occur due to stress, due to which our immune system becomes weak.

5. Long recovery time

Whenever you get injured due to some reason, many times you apply for medicine on the skin but many times leave it like that.

In such a situation, if your immunity system is strong, then minor injuries will be cured without any treatment and new skin will come in that place.

But on the other hand, if you applied for medicine on your injured area, still it did not get cured and it took a long time, then understand that your immunity is weak.

Signal of error

Many types of pathogens are found in our environment, which enter our body through food, water, or breath. If the immune system is strong, then these pathogens are defeated, but if the immune system is weak, the person falls ill.

The immune system is spread in all the five cells of the body, so as soon as the symptoms of disturbances in one cell emerge, it starts getting signals from other cells.

For example, if your immune system is weak, then you get sick more often than others, there are complaints of cold, cough, sore throat, swollen gums, mouth ulcers, or skin rashes.

At such a time, by getting a blood test done, you can find out whether your immune system is weakening.

Sometimes the immune system becomes inactive instead of weakening. The weather didn’t change in the slightest that some people get sick.

Most of these are people who spend most of their time in air-conditioned rooms at home or office. Their body gets used to living in the same temperature and even when going in an open environment.

The body tries to adjust the temperature less i.e. the immune system comes in neutral mode.

For a strong immune system, our normal body temperature should not be below 36.3 ° C, because the cold virus survives at 33 ° C.

The immune system of some people can sometimes be weak due to genetic reasons. This has also been confirmed in a recent study report published in the journal Trends in Immunology.

According to a research report by Adrien Liston, a researcher at the Translational Immunology Lab in Belgium, our immune system is combined by our lifestyle, food, sleep patterns, environment, and family history.

Liston has said that sometimes our immune system is shaken by the response of our genes to the environment. Sometimes due to infection of any virus or bacteria for a long time, our immune system becomes inactive towards it.

In such a situation, the immune system stops alerting us. Many times there are some people who do not get a fever for years and years even if they are in the grip of some kind of infection. This is a symptom of weak immunity.

How to boost immune system naturally by eating Immune System Booster Foods?

Increasing antibodies and immune systems can protect from coronavirus infections. Antibodies and immune systems are the energy of the body that protects from any kind of viruses.

The same coronavirus can attack those who are sick due to the immune system. At this time, coronavirus can infect you easily and die without recovery.

The immune systems are also easily recovery the disease and can go back to your home without coronavirus. Therefore, we are going to explain how to increase the immune system by eating immune system booster foods.

immune system booster foods

How to boost immune system quickly?

Spreading coronavirus all over the world, more than 168M people are suffering from coronavirus diseases. So, the best idea is to stay safe at your home.

How to boost the immune system quickly by eating natural immune system booster foods? More than 168M people are suffering from coronavirus diseases. So, the best idea is to stay safe at your home.

Because cold cough, flu, fever, and sore throat are seasonal diseases. It starts from these types of symptoms in the beginning, and it will diagnosis covid-19 positive.

The same symptoms are between coronavirus and seasonal diseases. It is hard to detect in PCR reports that seasonal diseases or coronavirus disease.

The following list of foods is immune system booster foods and immunity-boosting foods for covid. You can check one by one topic that is listing below:

1. Benefits of Honey

Kinds of honey are also immune system booster foods because honey is known as the oldest natural antibiotic medicine. It contains hydrogen peroxide, which is known to have slightly antibacterial properties.

It also contains high natural sugar content, which may help prevent the growth of some bacteria. Eating one teaspoon of honey per day as immune system booster foods by mixing it with herbal tea can treat as a home remedy against viruses.

In addition, the pH level of honey is low. It works by removing moisture from bacteria, causing bacteria to become dehydrated and die.

To use honey as an antibiotic, you can apply it directly to the wound, injury. Honey increases the healing process of wounds by killing bacteria.

2. Garlic has antibacterial properties

Garlic is also a very healthy herb. Most people prefer to eat it raw on an empty stomach in the morning because garlic contains antibacterial elements, which eliminate bacterial infections in the body.

Eating garlic during the corona period can also help to strengthen immunity.

One study has found that garlic concentrate or extract is effective against bacteria. You can easily get garlic extract from any shop. You can also use some soaked buds of garlic in olive oil.

Organic Green Tea for immune-boosting foods for covid

Green Tea contains multivitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, iron, protein, and calcium. Therefore, the consumption of organic green tea can boost the immunity system.

Organic green tea reduces the release of toxic substances from the body. That is, it detoxes the body.

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Many studies have been proved that green tea is a good source of high antioxidants. It has polyphenols named catechin.

Catechin is a powerful property of green tea that can reduce fat and balance cholesterol levels in the body. It can also improve heart disease.

Increasing immune systems can work against anti-microbial and bacteria. Therefore, you can drink it daily in immune system booster foods and become healthy in life.

immune system booster foods

Often many people have allergies to the sun’s UV rays that they are vulnerable to many diseases. Antioxidants can protect you from this disease.

3. Fresh mung bean

The source of high potassium and magnesium is the fresh mung bean that can relieve the constipation problem. Consuming regularly can detox the body and make it healthy. It is also high in protein, fiber, and vitamin B.

4. Dry grapes are superfoods for immune system

Grapes are known as the superfoods for the immune system. It is also a high source of magnesium, potassium, and iron. Taking regular it decreases the risk of the growth of cancer cells and keeps our skin healthy, shiny, anemia, and kidney stone.

5. Fenugreek

Fenugreek can clean the intestines and relieve constipation due to the high fiber. It is also beneficial for patients with diabetes. In addition, their intake also reduces the pain during periods in women.

6. Peanuts

It also contains high magnesium that can balance the high BP. Several studies have found that eating soaked almonds and peanuts regularly reduces the level of bad cholesterol.

These are some drinks to boost immune system

We are trying to explain here some immune system booster foods in juices. These listed juices are also so strong and fast immune boosters. You can drink it immediately and boost your immune system.

1. Amla Juice for immunity booster drink for corona

Now amla Juice is so popular as the immunity booster drink for corona in India. It can fight against infections. Drinking Amla juice is very beneficial for the flu, colds, and colds and prevents seasonal fever.

Amla is a sour fruit, which contains more vitamin C than lemon and orange. So, it can strengthen the immune system. You can also prepare its juice at home.

2. Is Turmeric and Milk immune stytem booster foods?

Yes, we can consume turmeric and milk together as immune system booster foods. According to traditional home remedies, turmeric is used as a medicine when suffering from a cold cough

During inflammation in the neck, turmeric and milk can relieve the infection of the body.

Nowadays, it is drinking a mix of milk and turmeric. Especially, it can treat infants as natural home remedies without a prescription doctor.

immune system booster foods

When you mix turmeric in milk and drink, it becomes even more tasty and nutritious. Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of warm milk and drink daily or after infection. It also boosts immunity due to high anti-oxidants.

3. Bitter ground juice

People can not like it because it is very bitter. But, it is a treasure of health. It can reduce blood sugar levels and protects against stomach cancer as well as detoxify the liver.

You can drink a cup of bitter gourd juice every day that prevents Jaundice. Bitter gourd juice can increase the immune system by providing high antioxidants and mineral elements and protects the body from diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

Can you consume immune system booster foods in Supplements?

There are many supplements on the Amazon market. Alternatively, you can buy that and consume them as natural immune system booster foods.

They have produced a composition of strong herbs to boost immunity and strong natural ingredients in them.

When the immunity is down, the virus can damage our organs quickly, and the system stops working. In this case, we go hospital immediately and start treatment with allopathic medicine.

Everybody knows the allopathic medicine is 100% side effects after using a long time. Therefore, nobody wants to use them.

The food supplement is the best way to heal the disease without any side effects. The supplement has the power of healing any diseases naturally as well as increasing the immune system.

When the immune system increased, the body can automatically heal and protect from viruses. Therefore, everybody should use food supplements. They are available on Amazon at a huge discount.

1. Dabur Haldi Turmeric Drops

immune system booster foods

It is a brand of Dabur. The Dabur brand is a popular brand in India. Everybody can believe this brand and satisfy by eating this supplement.

You will relieve from colds, colds, phlegm, and increase your immune system naturally. It is 100% Ayurvedic and you can eat it daily without any side effects. Find and buy it at a heavy discount on Amazon.

2. Ayush Kwath | Ministry of India’s immune system booster foods

immune system booster foods

Another strong formulation supplement is Ayush Kwath Immunity Booster. You will find a total of 1000mg per serving for 100 days dosage.

It has many natural ingredients like Ashwagandha, Kamla, Pistachio, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Saffron, Shatavari, Moosli, Indian Long pepper, and Ginger. It is made in the USA. Find on the store of Amazon.

3. Himalayan Organics Immunity Booster

immune system booster foods

The Himalayan Organics Immunity Booster is made up of Vitamin C. So, it can make stronger liver and sharper eyesight. It is 100% organic and pure vegetarian. Please find its price and details at a heavy discount.

4. Boldfit Vitamin C Complex With Amla & zinc, Immunity Antioxidant

immune system booster foods

Children can eat all these Immunity Booster Capsules with delicious tangy flavors. It also contains zinc along with vitamin C.

It is also beneficial for your hair, skin, and nails. Please find it on Amazon at a discount of 44%. Click here to order.

5. Kapiva Wild Tulsi Giloy Juice

immune system booster foods

This Kapiva Wild Tulsi Giloy Juice is a unique combination of Giloy Stems, Neem Grown, and Fresh Tulsi Leaves. It is available On Amazon.

It is produced specially to increase the immune system and protect from viruses. You will also get relief from cold, cold, phlegm after using.

Find it on Amazon for more information and at a discount Click here to order.


There are many immune system booster foods on the market. However, we have explained and listed here some major foods. All listed foods are so strong to increase our immune system.

Therefore, everyone can eat without any hesitation because the listed foods are natural and have no side effects. This time is a critical situation because of coronaviruses.

Everybody should be careful with the viruses. Don’t neglect your health. Health is so important for everyone. Stay safe with covid-19 and warn your family to increase the immune system.

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