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Nowadays, people are facing problems who have low sperm at an early age. Therefore, how to increase sperm count at home is the most necessary topic in life.

According to one study, 90% of the normal sperm count gets pregnant problems due to sperm deficiency in men.

The quality of sperm is 1,500 sperm per second to able fertility in men. You will be surprised to know that sperm count is directly related to catering.

Sperm count production depends on the better diet, the healthy sperm count. The chance increases if the diet is unhealthy.

Therefore, the main home remedies are a healthy diet that can maintain a healthy and quality sperm in the body.

What is inactive sperm?

Inactive sperm means dysfunctional in normal sperm motility such as having two heads, small head, big head, thin or twisted neck, two tails, or more than two tails. It is the hallmark of inactive sperm.

Is high temperature harmful for sperm?

Apart from knowing what is a sperm and how to identify an active sperm. It is important to know what are the things that are harmful to the sperm.

Temperature is affected by sperm such that sperm count increases in winter and decreases in summer.

This may be due to bathing with hot water or working with a laptop in your lap. Apart from this, any type of intoxication can also damage sperm.

Live sperm age: Sperm comes out as semen. If the sperm once enters the woman’s uterus, then her age is from 3 to 5 days.

How to increase sperm count by food in home remedies?

Sperm is present in the semen of the male. The sperm fertilized with the woman’s egg is responsible for producing a baby. In males, sperm is produced in the testes.

If a semen sample does not contain 40 to 300 mL of sperm, that is an abnormal sperm count range. According to the World Health Organization (WHO).

If a semen sample contains less than 15 ml/ml of sperm, then the male will have a problem in becoming a father.

Here are the powerful home remedies foods that can increase sperm count at home.


It is rich in vitamin E and a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system. Almonds affect the production of sperm count and increase the ability to produce more.

How to increase sperm count

Dark Chocolate

This type of Dark Chocolate has so many health benefits. It contains L-arginine which is also found in red meat, nuts, and spinach. It helps to increase sperm count and increases the blood flow in the genitals.

how to increase sperm count

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To increase sperm count walnuts are natural foods. It has omega-3 fatty acids that increase blood circulation in the penis. Walnuts are popular foods to increase a male’s normal sperm count range.

how to increase sperm count


Include Pomegranate in your daily diet which helps to solve the problem of low sperm count. Pomegranates fight with the malondialdehyde which caused low sperm quality.

how to increase sperm count

Major Benefits of Bananas

Bananas have vitamins B1, A, and C which help the men’s body to boost sperm-producing ability. It produces a male’s sperm count and improves the ability to reach a normal sperm count range or more.

how to increase sperm count

Pumpkin seeds

Seeds of pumpkin are also increased testosterone production in men. Pumpkin seeds have omega-3 fatty acids which boost sperm count.

how to increase sperm count


The Source of folic acid is spinach which is also beneficial for males. Eating spinach may give them healthier sperms.

how to increase sperm count


Eating broccoli may help in male fertility. It is full of folic acid and vitamin B9. The inclusion of broccoli in male’s daily diet may increase their sperm count by 70%.

how to increase sperm count


There are many benefits of garlic for our body, eating daily garlic helps in reducing joint pain. It can also increase the blood circulation in the genital parts and makes the sperms stronger.

how to increase sperm count

Fruits Salad is the common natural remedies to increase sperm

We know that for a healthy balanced diet we must include fruit salad in our daily diet. Fruits like orange, cherries and other antioxidant-rich foods help to improve sperm count.

how to increase sperm count


With the popularity of watermelon is eaten for the freshness and cooling nests for the body in India. Watermelon provides vitamin A and Vitamin C and lycopene which gives it a red color.

It helps to reduce infection and inflammation and also helps to increase sperm counts.

how to increase sperm count

Shatavari is the Indian herb to increase sperm naturally

If men suffer poor sperm, they can take Shatavari. It really helps them to come out of their problem. This herb is very useful to increase sperm counts in men.

how to increase sperm count


It keeps your blood vessels healthy which maintains the energy level of the body. The regular use of Gokshuru benefits males in many ways, it increases the fertility of men.

How to increase sperm count

Ashwagandha has the ability to increase male’s normal sperm count range

Ashwagandha is so popular Indian herb to increase a male’s sperm count. It encourages to improve the ability for male’s normal sperm count range and the nervous system which results in a male perform better than before.

How to increase sperm count


Finally, sperm is the most important part of a male and if there is any deficiency in sperm, it can be difficult to become a father.

Therefore, the top 15 normal sperm count range. But, Europe is able to solve the problem of not becoming a father by detecting sperm problems with the help of modern equipment.

Fertility has fulfilled many people’s problems with sperm problems with successful treatment to become their parents.

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