High Protein Diet Plan

High protein diet plan is a group of protein that can help in every function of the body. It is also called healty diet plan for muscle gain.

Due to lack of protein can suffer from obesity or hormonal imbalance. If you have overweight, you can start a 7-day protein diet plan for weight loss.

A high protein diet plan is helpful for diabetes patients and insulin resistance. However, if you have kidney problems or you are underweight, please do not take this diet or choose a better option for yourself only after consulting a dietician.

There are many types of benefits of a protein diet plan such as a high protein diet plan for muscle gain and high protein diet plan for weight gain.

What is a high protein diet plan for weight loss?

In a high protein diet plan, you must avoid unhealthy carbohydrates increasing high-rich protein. More than 50% of the protein is contained in vegetables and more than 60% protein in animal foods.

If you eat 1 gram of protein, it gives 4 calories or 1 unit of energy. The main sources of protein are animal foods such as chicken, fish, poultry, yogurt, pulses, sprouts, etc.

In this way, increase protein and decrease bad carbohydrates in your diets as a high protein diet plan.

Do not consume high carbohydrates, then the fat keeps within the body’s burns and this conjointly improves digestion. overwhelming macromolecule conjointly calms the craving.

Why need a high protein diet plan for weight loss?

A high protein diet plan helps in weight loss. Protein-rich diet foods can reduce the signals that control the desire to eat in the brain.

Therefore, you may eat less food. According to Obesity magazine, taking food with a high amount of protein is the easiest way to control hunger.

Actually, more calories make more fat. But more protein calories make the less fat. Therefore, include more protein calories in food. This article can help you to know it.

Note: Before taking a high protein diet plan or any major change in your diet, please consult a doctor. 
If you do not have any allergies to protein, get it tested in advance. If you are careful beforehand, you can avoid risk.

Remove the Trans Fat from your daily diet

In fact, the source of trans fat is junk and dry foods. Eating fried and processing foods has contained high trans fat which is very bad for health.

It increases unhealthy weight. Therefore, please remove completely such type of fat. Especially, a high protein diet plan for weight loss is very harmful.

High Protein Diet Plan

7 Days Advantage High Protein Diet Plan for weight loss

First Day cheap high-protein diet plan

Breakfast:- until 8 am: Make an omelet made of three egg white. Make 75 grams of it with chopped mixed chili and a handful of spinach.
Mid-Morning Snack:- Take 100g Roasted Chicken at around 11 am. And add red chili to it.
Lunch:- until one o’clock: Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to a grilled chicken breast, mix lettuce leaves, red chili, green beans, and.
Ewing snacks:- Take 100 grams of chicken breast in a cucumber.
Dinner:- 100g Grilled Chicken Breast with Steamed Broccoli

Second day high protein diet plan

Breakfast:- 8 am boiled chicken breast or cottage cheese with a handful of banana chips.
Mid-morning:- 100 grams of chicken breast or green chili with a slice of cottage cheese
Lunch:- 1 pm 100g of boiled chicken or cottage cheese with a mixed green salad
Evening:- 5 pm 100g Steamed Chicken or raw cheese with 75g steamed broccoli
Dinner:- 7 pm a boiled salmon fish or cottage cheese with boiled green beans

Third day high protein diet plan

Breakfast:- 100 grams of smoked salmon or cottage cheese, as well as spinach
Mid-morning:- 100 grams of chicken or cottage cheese with yellow chili
Lunch:- 1 pm mixed green salad with olive oil and 100g of grilled chicken or cottage cheese
Evening:- 5 pm 100g Cheese or Chicken Slices with Avocado
Dinner:- 7 pm a grilled lamb steak (or two cutlets); Take boiled broccoli and spinach or paneer.

Forth Day high protein diet plan

Breakfast:- scrambled eggs (one whole, two white), tomatoes, with green beans.
Mid-morning:- a cucumber with a hundred grams of chicken or cheese.
Lunch:- 1 pm Cook lettuce, tomato, spinach in olive oil. Take paneer or chicken together.
Evening:- 5 pm 100g Chicken Breast or Paneer.
Dinner:- 7 pm 100g Chicken Breast or Paneer

Fifth Day high protein diet plan

Breakfast:- 200 grams of chicken breast with avocado and cucumber
Mid-morning:- two boiled eggs with red pepper
Lunch:- 1 pm cook with olive oil 150 grams of grilled salad and 150 grams of grilled prawns or cheese with tomatoes.
Evening:- 5 pm 100g Chicken Breast or Paneer with Five Almonds
Dinner:- 7 pm 100g Chicken Breast or Cheese with Boiled Broccoli

Sixth Day high protein diet plan

Breakfast:- omelet with roasted peppers and four egg white
Mid-morning:- 100 grams of chicken or cottage cheese with a tomato
Lunch:- 1 pm 150 grams of chicken or cottage cheese with green salad along with broccoli cooked in boiled olive oil.
Evening:- 5 pm 100 grams of chicken or cottage cheese with five nuts
Dinner:- 7 pm 200 grams of green beans and broccoli.

Seventh Day high protein diet plan

Breakfast:- Take three egg white omelets along with grilled tomatoes and boiled spinach.
Mid-morning:- 100 grams of chicken with five brazil nuts.
Lunch:- 1 pm 150g chicken breast or cottage cheese with boiled asparagus and green salad
Evening:- 5 pm 100 grams of chicken or cottage cheese with cucumber
Dinner:- 7 pm grilled chicken or cottage cheese with boiled greens or broccoli

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Follow the above 7 days high protein diet plan to lose weight naturally without any side effects in your body. Thus it becomes necessary to regulate it.

At this time, exercising regularly is a healthy way to lose healthy weight. Once it involves diet to slim down. Therefore, we have made a chart of a high protein diet plan for 7 days for weight loss.

How much high protein do you need per day to lose weight?

As we tend to mention on top of, high protein food will be useful for weight loss. In such a scenario, the question currently arises that what amount of high protein ought to be consumed for weight loss?

Consistent with a quest, a minimum of 25-30 grams of high protein will be enclosed in food, it will improve appetence and facilitate weight management.

However, the quantity of high protein might amendment consistent with the health of the person. Therefore, medical consultation is additionally necessary to understand the proper quantity of high protein for weight loss.

Eleven Cheap high protein meal plan for weight loss

  1. Quality and Natural Peanut Butter: It is a source of high protein for vegetarians and non-veg.
  2. Eggs white:- Eggs have contained high protein for non-veg.
  3. Green soybeans:- Fresh and green soybeans is also a protein.
  4. White Tuna Fish:- This tuna fish has high protein and omega-3 fatty acids.
  5. Homemade Plain Greek Yogurt: The source of high protein and nutrition is known as plain Greek yoghurt. It is different from other normal yoghurts.
  6. Seeds of Sunflower:- Seeds are rich in protein. So, add sunflower seeds to your daily diet.
  7. Kidney Beans Black:- Kidney beans are more than 500 varieties which are also high protein source foods.
  8. Cottage Cheese:- This type of cheese is very helpful for weight loss and a high protein diet plan because it is fresh and non-processing cheese.
  9. Rolled Oats:- Oats is also a healthy diet and source of complex carbohydrates as well as protein.
  10. Fresh Milk:- Fresh and natural has multivitamins and minerals, so it can provide us high protein.
  11. Seeds of Pumpkin:- Pumpkin seeds are cheap protein diet plan food that is easily available in any market.

Benefits of high protein diet plan for other health

In this article, we have already explained a high protein diet plan for weight loss. However, we are giving some topics in the list below that are also helpful for others.

High Protein Diet Plan

1. Can keep the abdomen full for an extended time

Protein will build the abdomen feel full for an extended time. this can be confirmed in an exceeding analysis printed on the NCBI website.

This may management the need to eat further food, which might facilitate the management of weight.

2. Useful for lean body mass

Protein intake will facilitate defend lean body mass (fat-free mass). Actually, lean body mass is a healthy muscle for maintaining physical activity.

One analysis clearly states that the intake of protein-rich foods is absolutely related to lean body mass. At this time, another analysis suggests that top high protein intake will facilitate preserve lean body mass.

On this basis, we can say that in the method of weight loss, high protein will facilitate maintaining the lean body mass of the body.

3. Through thermal  impact

Protein is additionally useful for weight loss because it will quickly increase the thermal impact. the thermal impact is heat-producing,

Which may be a metabolic reaction to food. this may facilitate in burning excess calories of the body. consistent with this analysis, protein-rich foods will increase the thermal impact by fifteen to thirty.

This will be} the explanation why the intake of high protein-wealthy foods can be thought-about effective for losing weight.

4. Doesn’t store like body fat

Protein may be thought-about useful for weight loss as a result of it’s not held on within the body like fat. this can be confirmed by a report.

It clearly states that the body wants high protein each day, as a result of the body doesn’t store it like fat and carbohydrates.

Its properties may facilitate the method of weight loss. At the instant, any analysis must be done on this subject.

5. Useful in muscle strengthening and repair

As we tend to mention on top of, high protein intake will be useful in weight loss. At the identical time, it will facilitate in repairing and strengthening muscles throughout the method of weight loss.

Consistent with a quest printed on the NCBI website, hypocaloric (low-calorie) diet intake and physical activity, together with a sufficient quantity of high protein to slim down, will facilitate maintenance and repair muscles.

Caution to be taken whereas intense high protein to slim down

High Protein Diet Plan

While starting this diet plan, you must include these things in your list. Keep yourself hydrated and keep checking uric acid and also see creatinine level.

You can include some complex carbs like fruits and green vegetables in this diet and also take whole grains.

Soy is also an excellent source of protein, but it also contains estrogen-enhancing compounds, so consume it in limited quantities. A high-protein diet such as protein shakes can be taken with light meals at night.

If you do a 30-minute exercise every day, then you can take a high protein diet at any time throughout the day.

To slim down, confine mind these items associated with the intake of protein:

  1. together with the intake of high protein, physical activity is additionally necessary to slim down.
  2. perpetually consume solely a restricted quantity of high protein for weight loss.
  3. Before taking high protein as a supplement, consult a doctor.
  4. Excessive high-protein diets will cause liver and urinary organ strain.
  5. In addition, excessive high protein will injury metal within the body, increasing the danger of pathology (a form of sickness related to bones).
  6. High protein intake over an extended amount of your time will increase the danger of weight gain and mortality.


Finally, we hope that you may read properly and understand the high protein diet plan tips. However, repeat it once more if you are confused about it.

Without knowing, your diet will be harmful. Explaining the above diet plan 100% works for weight loss if you understand and follow it properly. Read this article also for more information.

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