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Are you planning to create a blog and earn money online from your blog? If you want to become a blogger and promote your content in search engines, it is the best tutorial for free keyword research tools.

It is easy to create a website, but it is not easy to get organic traffics on the website without optimizing all the content to search engines. At first, you have to find low and high search-volume keywords for your blog with the help of free keyword research tools or others.

Because there is very high competition in the keywords to get the first page in search engines. The only way is to find the low keywords with the help of keyword research tools.

Therefore, you need to find the latest free keyword research tools because, in the beginning, it is so expensive to buy paid tools to research keywords with the latest search engine optimization methods.

If you have a high budget to purchase the best keyword research tools, it is good for you, it is a list of popular keyword research tools online.

  1. Ahref
  2. Moz
  3. Semrush
  4. Keywordtool

What are the free keyword research tools for SEO?

Free keyword research tools are easy tools to find competitive keywords without any cost and create SEO-friendly articles for the website. There is no way to rank in search engines for competitive digital marketing without keyword research tools.

There are many types of keyword research tools on the website, but those tools are more expensive for beginners. Therefore, everybody cannot spend on the website, especially beginners who don’t want to purchase these paid tools.

Here is a YouTube video about some other best keyword research tools.

If you are a beginner in digital marketing, this is the best idea to find free keyword research tools online and learn about keyword research and content marketing.

To rank the blog in Google, it is very important for us to know about the keywords of our competitors. Only then our article is able to grab a good position. Therefore, with the help of the Competitor Keywords Research Tool, we get to know about Ranked Keywords.

Hence, I am sharing some best free keyword research tools in this post. These tools can help you to research your keywords without spending any money on the keywords.

1. Live Keyword by Biq Chrome Extension

Live Keyword by BIQ is a chrome browser extension free keyword research tool, which finds and shows us search volume, CPC, and competition for Google™ Search Engine Result Page (SERP). So, it is the best and favorite tool for bloggers.

free keyword research tools

It is easy to install in the google chrome browser and add it as an extension. It provides useful keywords everywhere on the search result page for digital marketing experts.

Main features of Live Keyword

  1. It provides related keywords, which you search for the main keyword in the Google search bar.
  2. After searching the targeted keyword in the Google search bar, it provides you its search volume and CPC on the search bar.
  3. Showing related keywords, and search volume, CPC, competition ratio on the right side of the google search result page. It helps us easy to choose our targeted keywords.
free keyword research tools

Easy to install and use it.

Type LiveKeyword by BiQ and enter on the google search bar. Find the extension of LiveKeyword from the chrome web store, which shows you on the google search result page, and install LiveKeyword by BiQ. Install easily on your chrome browser.

2. Sem scoop free keyword research tools

Are you serious about keyword researching? If you want to search your targeted keywords for your blog. This tool is the best for you because it allows you to research without any cost. It’s totally free for you between free keyword research tools.

In this tool, you can find the keyword difficulty ratio and total search volume count, CPC. It is the most necessary thing to optimize articles on the website, which it gives you.

It has paid version also if you want to use extra features of the tool. But, I recommend that use its free plan because it gives you all the necessary access to research keywords in the free version.

If you plan to buy it, there are four types of plans. The one is free. In the free package, you can find five keyword research and ten keyword analysis every day. It allows you to see only 50 keywords on the result page.

free keyword research tools

The main features of Sem Scoop tool

  1. You can easily find Longtail Keyword as well as other types of Keywords.
  2. Here you get to know about the search volume of keywords as well as the SEO Difficulty.
  3. To rank on search engines, link building strategy is very important for any blog. Which you can do with the help of this tool.
  4. Here you also get information about Keywords Competition along with SERP Analysis.
free keyword research tools

How to use it?

  1. First of all, open on SEMScoop in your browser. You will see the screen with its Keyword Tool. Now you can type your keyword in the search bar. You will be able to search only two keywords if you are not a member. If you want to research five keywords, you have to sign with your email address.
  2. After signing with Semscoop, you can search five keywords daily with search volume, CPC, and keyword difficulty.
  3. Before keyword searching, you can select your targeted country and language. 
  4. Now you can see the Complete Graph of the list of the related keywords. You can copy and use keywords as your requirements.
free keyword research tools

3. Wordtracker free keyword research tool

Wordtracker is also a helpful tool to find targeted keywords in all of Free Keyword Research Tools, which is easy to use and good looking interface. 

free keyword research tools

Just type a keyword on the search bar and start to search for your related keywords. After completing keywords by word tracker, you can see 50 lists of related keywords of your targeted keyword.

How to copy and save the list of searching related keywords?

When the word tracker completes searching keywords, you can also export and save on your computer, but you have to purchase any offering package of word tracker. Therefore, you can select and copy all keywords in the free plan.

After copy and save in any text editor. Then you can select your targeting and related keywords for your article. If you have any confusion about complete tutorials, please check once this link for more tutorials.

free keyword research tools

Here, you can see many keywords related to your searching keyword, which you can optimize in your article or YouTube videos. At the same time, you can also take ideas in total search volume, CPC, and competition ratio in those keywords.

3. Whatsmyserp keyword research tool

Hello friends! In this topic, I would like to introduce a google chrome extension tool which I am also using to research my keywords among the many free keyword research tools.

Whatsmyserp is also a free keyword research tool on the internet, which is a free version also. You can use and get lots of benefits in researching keywords such as search volume and CPC, etc.

free keyword research tools

In my quest for endless optimization websites, I run into several tools that claim to provide expert and advanced SEO tracking that helps with SEO rankings. But most of them don’t always give accurate results.

This tool can provide accurate search results for a significant amount of time now. Therefore, it is one of my favorite tools that are free in the google chrome web store.

Here is my review for you to know more and find out about Whatsmyserp free tools for you. I’m going to review keywords everywhere, which shows keyword search data right on Google (what did Keyword Everywhere)

Why WhatsMySERP is more accurate in free keyword research tools?

In short: Whatsmyserp automatically updates user data daily to maintain its accuracy and relevance. It also provides users with unlimited keyword ranking. If you need to see current rankings, you can refresh your rank tracker as many times as you want.

One of the necessary features of Whatsmyserp is that it is easy to use for people without all kinds of programming knowledge. Let’s look at some of the features of Whatsmyserp:

i. regional searches

Tracker is a simple yet highly effective technique of query on the selected area of ​​the user. They have private proxy servers in the US, which can change the results you will see if you are from the UK or France. This scenario occurs because your browser may bring you back to the local effect.

However, Whatsmyserp’s private proxies do not have the same localized area as their users. For example, you’ll get the most results if your particular keyword is related to a service like a barbershop.

ii. Infinite domain and on-demand check

Whatsmyserp allows to add and track up to 25 keywords and continues to work on adding much more. If you think the keyword needs a rank refresh, click on the refresh button! List of keywords with corresponding functions.

iii. local tracking

If you run a LocalSize campaign, you can track your website rankings in different local areas. Whatsmyserp supports over 100 Google regions and continuously adds local listings.

iv. Desktop and mobile tracking

Your Google ranking will vary and vary with mobile and desktop searches for many types of factors such as location, behavior, environment, search history, and more. Whatsmyserp’s desktop and mobile tracking can help to track how your website is ranking across devices.

Using methods of Whatsmyserp

Registration is simple, quick, and free of cost. You can signup by providing your email and password. Once you have confirmed your email address and logged in, you are brought to the homepage of Whatsmyserp to fill in the required parts to use the tracker.

free keyword research tools

You have to add a domain to track suitable keywords of your domain name and location on which devices you want to see your track ranking. Users are also obliged to fill in keywords related to their taxonomy.

You can add tons of domains that give you the ability to graph, track, and check your SERP history with up to 500 keywords. Users registered in Whatsmyserp get 25 keywords for each domain, up to an exact 20 fields, and check keywording posts for free.

free keyword research tools

The thing where Whatsmyserp is really winning is the freedom to add a multitude of domains. It allows you the ability to graph, track and investigate SERP history with up to 500 keywords. If you are registered in Whatsmyserp, you will get 25 keywords for each domain, up to an exact 20 fields, and check keywording positions for free.

free serp checker

Whatsmyserps’s free checker allows you to search for up to ten keywords per day. These searches are based on Google rankings and removed the next day. This feature is on Whatsmyserp’s part because it entices users to register an account to track their SEO rankings.

Once you are a registered user, you can include multiple domains and see more keyword rankings and compare your current ranking to previous ones.

4. SEO Quake free keyword research tools

SEO Quake is a unique tool among all free keyword research tools. It is the first time in the world because it counts the websites in the serial numbers as rankings on the google search result page (SERP).

We can do all this easily with the help of a chrome extension and a firefox browser named SEO Quake. This single tool is more powerful than the other 4 or 5 tools.

free keyword research tools

SEO Quake gives us such website information, with the help of which we can keep an eye on our competitors and bring the ranking of our website to the first page.

Advantages of SEO Quake

We can find many kinds of information about the websites and keywords on the google and Mozilla search result page. We can extract meta tags and use them on our websites. The other benefits are as follows:

  • You can find out the ranking of the website.
  • If the website is on social media, then you can know what it likes.
  • It can find the age of the domain.
  • SEO Quake shows the source of the backlinks of the website on the result page.
  • SEO Quake gives us the information of title, meta description, internal links, external links. Another thing is that it includes the website’s server on the page, etc.
  • The source codes of the website can also be seen on the result page easily.

All this information helps us to create our SEO strategy. We can compare with other websites with the help of this information and improve to bring to the first page ranking of google.

free keyword research tools

From the information of the backlinks, we can know where to use backlinks. Knowing about Social Media Marketing, the competitor can compare us with Social Media Marketing about Social Media.

We can improve the ranking by making more changes. With the information of Meta Tags, you can give correct information to Search Engines. We have never seen these types of advantages in free keyword research tools before.

5. VIDIQ Extension free keyword research tools for YouTube

VIDIQ extension tool is only for YouTube Videos. It gives all types of information about the keywords on YouTube. We can use it on both google chrome and firefox browsers.

VIDIQ extension tool

We can find the best Title and Tags for the Videos of your YouTube using the VIDIQ extension. Your YouTube Video can perform better on YouTube, due to which your YouTube Channel can rank quickly.

If you ask any YouTubers about their YouTube channel, they will suggest optimizing the titles and tags because title and tags play a role in the video.

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Along with this, by inserting better tags, YouTubers enter the words related to their videos in the search box of YouTube. Then their video also comes top rank in the results. This tool is more helpful than other free keyword research tools for YouTube keywords.

How to Install Vidiq Extension in Google Chrome Browser

In this article, we will talk about how we can install Vidiq Extension in our Google Chrome and also how we can add Vidiq Extension to our YouTube Channel so that Vidiq Extension works well with our YouTube Channel. Work like this and we can get more benefit from our YouTube videos.

Installing the VIDIQ extension in the google chrome browser is very easy. To install Vidiq Extension in your Google Chrome browser, you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 01- Open your Google Chrome Browser

Open the Google Chrome Browser and type the VIDIQ extension. You will see a chrome extension on the search result page. Now you should sign up for free to VIDIQ, then it will ask to add a YouTube channel.

YouTube channel

On this page, you should add your YouTube Channel for authenticating and locate your Gmail address allowing for the channel according to the next page.

After authenticating your YouTube channel on the VIDIQ, click get started for the complete signing up. On the final page, you will see the main dashboard of the VIDIQ as below.

VIDIQ extension tool

Step 02- How to add VIDIQ extension to chrome browser?

First of all, sign to the VIDIQ. After signing in to the VIDIQ, you can see the dashboard. Install the VIDIQ version chrome extension by clicking on the top of the right side of the dashboard.

Install the VIDIQ version chrome extension

You also get a Search Box by opening the google chrome extension web store page. You search by writing “VIDIQ” in that search box. To understand in a better way, you can also watch the video available at the end of this article.

In this way, you can download and install the VIDIQ extension in your Google Chrome browser. If you get any confusion in this process, here is a video link about the tutorial video by clicking here.

6. SOOLVE free keyword research tools

One of the qualities of a good SEO expert is that he knows which keyword he has to choose, with the help of which website ranking can rank easily. To know and choose about accurate free keyword research tools are the experience for SEO expert.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research is a difficult job in the process of SEO. After good knowledge of keyword research, then we can get a good result in rankings. Otherwise, doing SEO without knowledge of keyword research and optimizing the keywords is useless.

Therefore, today I am explaining free keyword research tools, which are very useful for you during your SEO tenure. This website is one of its specialties that gives you the features of keywords from 7 different places in a time for your keywords, which helps us a lot.

  1. Google
  2. Amazon
  3. Yahoo
  4. Bing
  5. YouTube
  7. Wikipedia

This tool is the only one that can give other total free keyword research tools benefits between 7 search engines of the websites. It gives us information about which website to search for which keyword out of these seven websites for our keyword.

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Many advantages of this free keyword research tools:  

  1. We get the Search Term (Keywords) of 7 websites at the same place.
  2.    We also get the option of whether we should take any other keyword in the synonym of our keyword or not.
  3.    We do not need any payment to use it. It is free of cost.
  4.    You can know which keywords to use on Amazon as well as Search Engines.
  5.    With the help of its Amazon result, we get help in ECommerce Marketing.
  6.    It is easy to use. It is very beneficial for long-tail keywords.

7. Keyword Surfer free keyword research tools

Keyword Surfer tools are also the common types of free keyword research tools to find out our targeted keywords in the world.

But it offers a free plan for a short time. You can use chrome extension unlimited for keyword research. Therefore, you can use it only as a demo for several keywords. After then it starts the premium plan.

Keyword Surfer tools

If you want to use free keyword research tools, this is also easy to use with the full feature of the keyword. But, it is the bad news for us, it’s for a short time with a free plan. After then you need to purchase a premium plan to use it. 

Common features of Keyword Surfer

It can also find and give us all related keywords with keyword difficulty. It is a helpful feature of the keyword surfer, which is using by many SEO experts. In this way, SEO experts can get success in the SEO rankings.

google keyword planner

It is also keywords everywhere alternative free for chrome browser for a lifetime. which is keyword surfer. you can do keyword research for free through this tool. and it is exactly similar to SEMrush’s data.

It is also keywords everywhere alternative free for chrome browser for a lifetime. Keyword surfer extracts similar to data of SEMRUSH. In this, we can remove new keyword ideas. It suggests all the keywords according to the country’s location. With which we can create new keyword ideas.

8. Semrush free keyword research tools

Most of the SEO experts are using these tools. It has so many extra features of the keyword research such as domain overview, traffic analytics, keyword overview, position tracker, keyword manager, etc. These features are the most necessary features of the keywords.

These tools are very famous and necessary to research keywords and analyze the domain. It allows many features with the free plan also. Therefore, many beginners want to use it more than other free keyword research tools.

If you are doing content marketing and want to use free keyword research tools, these tools are the most useful for you. I like to suggest, use these unique tools and enjoy researching keywords.

We need to know about our competitors before starting a blog. It should be known how many people are searching for the keyword on which we are writing the article. How is the SEO of our website?

best keyword research tools

SEMrush was started in 2008 by Oleg Shchegolve and Dmitry Melnikov. SEMrush is an SEO tool that allows us to optimize our Website or Blog Content according to Search Engines.

If we do all this, then one-day blogging will succeed. You can search for some reviews about Semrush. You will know how SEMrush SEO Tool is better for you.

Through SEMrush Tools, you can use for Keyword Research as well as Backlink Checker, Search Volume, SEO Audit, add research, Traffic Check, etc.

The features of SEMrush

SEMrush is a good tool for doing keyword research. You can find a Profitable Keyword for our Content with SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool and search Volume, Keyword Difficulty, and CPC.

SEMrush is a good tool for doing keyword research. You can find a Profitable Keyword for our Content with SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool and search Volume, Keyword Difficulty, and CPC.

You can see the full report in the image below. At the same time, you get to see Keyword Variations, Questions related to this Keyword, Related Keywords. You can write a great article by adding them to your article and get your website ranked on that particular keyword.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

With this, you can get a list of many keywords with the Keyword Magic Tool. Through the tool, you can start a Micro niche Blog, which will give you a lot of profit in the future

SEMrush updates its data daily to keep accurate information about keyword ranking, position, volume, CPC, etc., which is a great advantage of using SEMrush.

SEMrush Plans and Price

SEMrush comes in three different plans.

SEMrush Plans and Price

i. SEMrush Pro Pla

This SEMrush plan comes with 119 Dollar Per Month. Most bloggers buy this plan. If you are a pro blogger, then this plan is best for you.

ii. SEMrush Guru Plan

This price plan of SEMrush starts at 229 Dollar Per Month. In this plan, you can get extra features for content Marketing Platforms, Historical Data, etc.

iii. SEMrush Business Plan

The price plan of SEMrush is more expensive than others which starts from 449 Dollar Per Month. It is a professional business plan. Therefore, if you are doing SEO expert business, then it is suitable for you.

In this plan, you can get all the types of features in Semrush. It has more extra features than Guru Plan and Pro with more API access, extend limit and sharing option, etc. You don’t need to use any free keyword research tools for your keywords.

9. Wordstream Keyword Tool

Wordtream Keyword Tool is a great free Keyword generator tool. With this, you can easily do free Keyword Searches. With this, you can do 30 Keyword Searches for free, after that you have to buy from this link for unlimited keywords research.

Wordstream Keyword Tool

Long Tail Free Keyword Generator

Now that you have come to know very well what these long-tail keywords are, now the question comes how to find them. Because at present there is all Paid Options are available only.

You can research free keyword generator tools such as the WordStream keyword tool. It can generate Longtail Keywords for the blogs.

wordstream free keyword generator

You just have to enter a website’s URL on the search bar and choose the option of Industry and country below. As soon as you do Search Press, many relevant keywords are present in front of you.

It is a unique tool, therefore, it gives google and bing‘s search engine’s keyword search volume, CPC, and competition status.

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Whatever these types of free keyword research tools and premium keyword research tools have been mentioned above after doing a lot of research, however, there are many other tools. I find these eight best free keyword research tools. If you have any suggestion tools in your eyes, definitely tell me in the comment box.

I will research other best free keyword research tools online and share them in the next post. Thank you very much for reading and visiting my article. Keep it up! 

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