foods that cause kidney stones

Do you know about foods that cause kidney stones? Then read this post to keep your kidney healthy. Many people have become patients of kidney stones due to their daily running and chaotic lifestyle

The problem of stones in the kidney has become common today. People of 25 to 45 years are becoming victims of it rapidly. Although there are many reasons for its occurrence, not drinking enough water and bad eating habits are the reasons for this. are most responsible.

Actually, in the rush of life, we are not able to pay proper attention to our food and drink, due to which many types of health problems arise, among them, the problem of kidney stone is also one.

What are the foods that cause kidney stones or symptoms?

The amount of oxalate in some foods is very high, and these oxalates combine with the calcium present in the urine to form stones.

Whereas, some foods are not digested properly for humans, and it gradually starts accumulating some waste products in the kidney, which are foods that cause kidney stones later.

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In such a situation, if we can not be proper attention to everyday diet, the risk of kidney stones can increase to a great extent.

So let’s know about some such foods, which can avoid by consuming a limited amount of serious problems like kidney stones. Kidney stone patients can not eat such foods.

1. Spinach and long Ladyfinger

Spinach and long ladyfinger have oxalate contain which are the main foods that cause kidney stones. Oxalate is very high in them, and that can deposit calcium in the kidney and does not allow it to pass into urine. 

Gradually, this calcium collects and takes the form of stones in the kidney. In such a situation, if you want to reduce the problem of kidney stones, then avoid spinach and long ladyfinger in your diet plan.

2. Non-veg foods

Non-veg foods are protein-rich. Therefore, they are a risk of stones which can increase the amount of purine in the kidney. The amount of purine is the level of uric acid that forms due to excessive consumption of non-veg.

kidney stones or symptoms

3. Chocolate

Chocolate is very much liked by children, young people, but often people do not know its harm, even the best tasting chocolate contains oxalate in very high quantity.

In this situation, there is a risk of kidney stones due to their excessive consumption of chocolate. Therefore, if you want to avoid the risk of kidney stones, make a proper distance from the chocolate.

If you like chocolate, you have to quit this habit because it can make your kidney stones. That’s why you can make it out of chocolate because it contains oxalates.

4. Salt

Salt has high contained in sodium. Therefore, it can go into the form of calcium which gets converted into kidney stones. Although, salt is essentially iron in our food. But don’t consume more food than necessary, then it increases the risk of stone.

5. Tomato

Excessive consumption of tomatoes can also cause stones because tomato is also oxalate food which causes stones. Our body can not digest the seeds of tomatoes, and later they cause stones. Although, you can use tomatoes without the seeds.

6. All types of Tea

Some teas are good for health. But refined teas are the risk for kidney stones because teas are also oxalates. It means oxalic acid contains in tea.

Therefore, limit consumption of organic tea can help the healthy body. But, consumption of excessive tea gives rise to many health problems in the same way, while it also causes kidney stones.

If you already have a kidney stones problem, strictly minimize the consumption of tea because it can increase the size of the stone.

7. Sugar beets or Beetroot

Sugar beets or Beetroots are foods that cause kidney stones. Generally, beetroot is beneficial for health, but the excessive consumption of sugar beets can be dangerous because sugar beets have high contained sugar named sucrose.

What are the first signs of kidney stones in males?

These are the early symptoms of kidney stones, prevent in this way. Many types of symptoms appear in the body of a person suffering from kidney stones, which can be very harmful to ignore. Therefore, you should also know about its symptoms.

1. Back Pain

When a kidney stone occurs, what are the first signs of kidney stones in males? The first person starts having back pain. This type of pain is persistent. So, the person can take a long time to understand it and he understands it like normal back pain.

Whereas after a day or two of having back pain, you do not get relief, and you are constantly feeling back pain, you should go to the doctor immediately.

According to an investigation in a person with back pain, the Doctor came out with three kidney stones from the kidneys after surgery. Do you have any back pain symptoms?

If you have this type of symptom, this symptom may be stones in the kidneys. Therefore, the tested your kidney stones is helpful to understand your symptoms.

2. Burning sensation when urinating

The second most common symptom is a burning sensation when urinating time in people. People are suffering from burning when passing urine out of the body.

Therefore, people who feel a burning sensation while urinating should get their kidney stone checked without delay and visit a doctor.

3. Bleeding in urine

When a kidney stone becomes large, it can damage the cells present in the body, due to which blood can also be seen in the urine while passing it out of the body.

Those whose urine shows such symptoms should immediately consult a doctor. Sometimes this problem occurs due to high blood pressure.

4. Frequent urination at night

Most people are suffering from frequent urination at night or day. This type of symptom is also due to kidney stones. But keep in your mind, it may occur due to drinking a lot of water regularly.

In this case, you don’t need to afraid of the symptom because the symptom is due to drinking a lot of water. Just be careful with your kidney. Don’t drink overload to the kidney this also may cause kidney damage.

5. Nausea and vomiting

People who often feel nausea and vomiting are also very likely to be suffering from kidney stones. However, it can also happen due to a lack of control over the diet, but such people should definitely consult a doctor once. If any person around you feels or sees such symptoms, then definitely tell them to consult a doctor immediately.

What are kidney stones made of?

What are kidney stones made of? A kidney stone is a type of crystal that is made up of many different minerals and salts. Calcium and uric acid are believed to be the cause of most kidney stones.

foods that cause kidney stones

Explaining the main reasons for it, when a lot of uric acids accumulate in the kidney, and you are not properly hydrated, the possibility of kidney stones increases manifold.

Based on research, the problem of kidney stones is seen more in men. Especially in men who are struggling with the problem of obesity and type one diabetes. The following symptoms are seen in people suffering from kidney stones.

How to prevent kidney stones by eating foods?

Everyone knows that eating habits can start many serious diseases. The kidney stone is also a similar problem due to wrong foods and drinks.

Therefore, the biggest reason for kidney stones is our bad eating habits and less drinking water. The stone causes many problems along with the pain, but before the stones occur to our body. It starts giving many signals.

If you are eating vitamin E-containing foods, vitamin E can help to eliminate kidney stones. So, find out those types of foods in the market.

In such a situation, medical treatment is necessary, but the patient needs to make a diet plan to prevent kidneys. There are many foods that cause kidney stones and there are also so many foods that can prevent kidney stones.

Along with this, we will also tell how the following diet can prove to be helpful in this problem. So without talking here and there, let us try to know about the foods included in the diet for kidney stones in order.

1. Fiber-rich foods

Research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) related to fiber-rich foods for kidney stones, the consumption of fruits and vegetable high fiber-rich foods can help to prevent the processing of kidney stones formation.

Experts also recommend taking high fiber foods in the problem of kidney stones. Also, you have to keep in mind that fiber-rich foods can reduce the risk of developing kidney stones, but it is not effective in curing the kidney stones problems.

2. Citric Fruit

A research conducted by the Korean Journal of Urology mentions that citric acid (an important element present in citrus fruits) can inhibit the process of kidney stone formation.

Research has believed that the consumption of lemon and citrus fruit can stop the crystal formation of calcium oxalate. These crystals are known as kidney stones. Therefore, it is advisable to include citrus fruits in the diet for kidney stones.

3. Coconut Water

Coconut water is a high-fiber food. It can prove to be effective in stopping kidney stone formation. In this case, coconut water exhibits an antipathogenic (inhibiting the process of stone formation) effect according to the research of BioWed Research International on rats. 

In this situation, the consumption of coconut water can be considered helpful to a great extent in preventing the major risks of kidney stones.

4. Herbal Tea

Certain plants and herbs can stop the process of kidney stone formation. This is confirmed by research conducted by the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Diseases.

There are many natural ingredients such as horseradish seeds, vine leaves and fruits, green amaranth, sugar beets, and wild carrots, which have kidney stone prevention properties. 

In this case, herbal tea can help the growth of kidney stones because it has catechin properties. But you have to know how to prepare herbal tea and use tea without losing ingredients.

5. Lemon

Already we have explained about citrus fruit in an above topic. It has the property of stopping the process of stone formation. Lemon is also a citrus fruit. Therefore, consuming lemon can help reduce the risk of stone formation.

6. Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane is a powerful medicine for kidney stones. It has many health benefits, but according to experts, sugarcane juice is helpful in the problem of kidney stones. Therefore, we recommend that add sugarcane juice to your daily diet to prevent kidney stones.

7. Grains and Legumes

Consuming grains and legumes can also help reduce the risk of kidney stones by inhibiting them. Actually, research by NCBI mentions that grains and legumes are rich in phytate elements.

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This element can prove to help prevent the process of stone formation in the kidney. In this situation, people suffering from the problem of kidney stones can include them in their diet.

8. Low Oxalate Fruits and Vegetables

According to experts, high oxalate foods can increase the problem of kidney stones. Therefore, it is advisable to have low oxalate fruits and vegetables during this problem.

However, keep in mind and consume in balanced amounts. Explain that fruits and vegetables with low oxalate mainly include artichokes, asparagus, lettuce, peas, apples, pears, and cantaloupe.

After knowing what to eat in stone, now we will tell you what should not be eaten in stone. What not to eat in case of kidney stones – Foods to Avoid For Kidney stones

According to experts, food and animal proteins containing high oxalate and high sodium can increase kidney stones. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid consumption during this period, which is as follows.

Nuts and products made from nuts peanut, spinach, wheat bran, Meat, Eggs, fishes, Milk, yogurt, butter and other milk products such as Soy Milk, Soy Food and Soy Butter, Tofu
Sunflower seeds, Radishes, carrots, onions, garlic and other high-oxalate and sodium-rich vegetables, etc.

Kidney stone diet chart

Sample of Kidney Stone Diet Chart for patients. In this part of the article, we are going through this chart. You can follow this chart and prevent kidney stones. Be aware of foods that cause kidney stones.

Mealing timeRecommended Foods
BreakfastConsume cereals with apples, oranges, and seasonal fruits. If you want,
you can also consume the juice of these fruits.
LunchEat artichokes, asparagus, lettuce or pea curry, and bread.
Evening snacksYou can take herbal tea, coconut water, sugarcane juice.
At the same time, if you want, you can also use high-fiber snacks.
DinnerVegetables made from legumes or roti can be used for eating
with vegetables containing low oxalate.
Notes:- The kidney stone diet chart given above is just a sample, which has been prepared to keep in mind the things included in the diet for kidney stones. Be sure to consult a doctor once for a better diet chart based on the required nutrition.

Some tips for kidney stone

Through the following points, we can know some important things related to the prevention of stone problem.

  1. Through the following points, we can know some important things related to the prevention of the stone problem.
  2. Drink about six to eight glasses of water daily.
  3. If bodyweight is more than normal, then try to reduce it.
  4. If you are going to take a sealed snack or other food to eat, then check the amount of sodium and salt on its packaging and bring only low sodium and salt food.
  5. Do exercise regularly or take a walk.

Liquid diet for kidney stones

According to the Indian Medical Association IMA, increasing fluid intake throughout the day cuts the risk of recurring kidney stones in half and has no side effects. Research shows that people with kidney stones have a significantly higher risk of developing chronic kidney disease.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) says that 13 percent of men and seven percent of women have kidney stones. IMA President Dr. K. K. Aggarwal said, “Lack of water in the body is the main cause of kidney stones.

Sufficient water is needed to dilute the uric acid (a component of urine) and otherwise, the urine becomes more acidic. These acidic kidney Kidney stones can be as big as a golf ball. It is a crystal-like structure.”

8 Rules on how to improve kidney health?

We discussed foods that cause kidney stones because foods are the major reason for forming kidney stones. Another reason is depending on your lifestyle.

If you are troubled by kidney disease, follow these 8-rules on how to improve kidney health? It can help you to keep your kidney healthy.

On the occasion of World Kidney Day, many programs are organized all over the world to make people aware of the diseases related to it. Let’s know on this occasion those eight rules that will save you from kidney diseases.

1- Stay fit and fine

How do you spend the time and whats condition of your body? It is also an important thing for your healthy kidney. If you want to keep your kidney healthy always, you have to stay fit and fine.

According to some research, people who are generally fit have control blood pressure. It reduces the risk of getting chronic kidney disease. In this situation, you can keep yourself fit by doing physical exercise.

2- Control blood sugar levels

According to statistics, half of the people who are facing diabetes become victims of kidney failure. Therefore, if you have diabetes, then you should take special care of your kidney. For this, you should control blood sugar levels.

3- Balance blood pressure monitor

Generally, people know that high blood pressure increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. But there is also a risk of kidney damage due to high blood pressure.

That’s why you should keep a balance blood pressure monitor. The blood pressure of a healthy person has 120/80. If your blood pressure remains at 140/90, you should consult with a doctor immediately for treatment.

4- Don’t go out of control

In this topic, we suggest that control of yourself, don’t go out of control in any activities. To avoid kidney damage, you have to follow healthy eating habits and lifestyles.

With this, you must prevent diabetes for a healthy kidney. You should take only 5 to 6 grams of salt in a day. Apart from this, gradually reduce processed food and outside food. Avoid adding salt separately to the food.

5- Drinking 2 litres of water a day benefits

There are different opinions among experts on the issue of liquid intake. But on the basis of conventional wisdom, it can be said that a person should drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water to stay healthy.

Actually, the amount of water keeps your kidneys safe from the ill effects of salt. In this situation, keep in mind don’t drink more than 1 water glass at once. Without knowledge of consuming it is also foods that cause kidney stones.

6- Quit smoking cigarette and consuming alcohol

Smoking cigarette is always harmful to our health. In fact, smoking cigarettes does not allow blood to reach your kidneys. In this case, kidneys can not get enough blood to function normally.

kidney stones

Therefore, if you do not want to face kidney-related disease ever in your life, you should quit smoking immediately. By stopping smoking, you can reduce your risk of kidney damage by 50 percent.

7- Get kidney function test on time

To know health condition is most important about the whole body. However, in this topic, we are discussing kidney health. So, get your kidney function test on time.

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In a kidney test, you will know how you are kidneys and aware of the conditions of your kidney stones on time. If the kidneys have any problems, the doctor will advise you to prevent kidney disease.

8- Taking painkillers overdose

Everyone knows that painkillers have side effects taking an overdose. Therefore, don’t take painkiller overdoses in your medication because it can damage your kidneys and function.

What are kidney stones made of? A kidney stone is a type of crystal that is made up of many different minerals and salts. Calcium and uric acid are believed to be the cause of most kidney stones.


Through this post, we try to give you great information about foods that cause kidney stones and symptoms. Therefore, we heartily request you all, if you are serious about your health of kidneys, you must read this whole article and be aware of kidney stones

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